Most people are willing to immigrate to other countries, such as Northern Cyprus, in search of a better job, ideal living conditions, education and a better business. In this regard, people are looking for a destination where the prevailing conditions can meet their expectations to an acceptable extent.

Base Salary in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country. Since island countries often include expensive energy expenses, such as the cost of water, fuel and electricity, people must earn a high income to be able to live in Northern Cyprus. Until 2020, the minimum salary in Northern Cyprus was announced for the amount of around 4500-5000 Turkish lira. Students can earn at least 2000 to 3000 liras per month by doing part-time jobs.

Finding a Job in Northern Cyprus

Fortunately, due to the presence of large commercial companies and ports in Northern Cyprus, as well as the thriving tourism industry of this country, immigration to Northern Cyprus is ideal for people who work in the finance and tourism. Generally, people who are active in the fields related to currency, oil, gold, etc. will improve fast in this country.

High-paying Careers in Northern Cyprus

  • Financial jobs such as exchanges and banking
  • Tourism related jobs
  • Restaurant and hotel management
  • Travel agencies
  • Sea sports
  • International exchanges
  • Luxury car rental
  • Housing construction
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Entertainment centers
  • Business companies such as holdings
  • Agricultural and livestock jobs
  • Exporting agricultural products such as barley, wheat, potatoes, citrus, industrial products, all kinds of fruits, clothes and shoes, handicrafts and tobacco
  • Importing food, oil and chemical products


Being an expert in the following fields may help you find a career in companies and private and public institutions of Northern Cyprus:

  • Skills in electrical engineering fields
  • Learning English, Turkish and Greek
  • Skills in IT and communication
  • International investment

Economy in Northern Cyprus

The basis of the economy of Northern Cyprus is based on the free market system; Export, import and tourism industry. Due to the prosperity of the agricultural sector in this country, exporting products such as potatoes, barley, wheat and fruits have caused economic prosperity in Northern Cyprus. Other special products that are also important in the export sector are the industrial products, clothing, handicrafts and tobacco.

The other pole of the economy in Northern Cyprus is based on imports. Including foodstuffs, oil and chemical products. Note that the tourism industry has a special place in the economy of Northern Cyprus which has been growing in recent years. The important thing is that if you have enough experience and expertise in the tourism industry, you can earn a significant income in this industry.

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