Majority of people can get scholarships to study in Northern Cyprus universities and study in their desired field. But the important question here is what are the conditions for receiving a scholarship from Northern Cyprus universities?

Most universities in Northern Cyprus offer 50% or even more scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to the 50% scholarship of the universities, other scholarships are offered to students under different titles, which will be examined in this article.

Studying in Northern Cyprus has many advantages for international students. For instance, having a high quality and comfortable life, a moderate and ideal climate, the opportunity to have fun and visit the tourist attractions of Northern Cyprus, using both Turkish and English languages are some of the reasons why students are interested in continuing their studies in Northern Cyprus. However, there are several other important reasons that should be mentioned.

  1. By studying in the universities of Northern Cyprus, students can apply for an exchange from their university to the universities in other countries after a period of studying in their desired field (normally after 2 years of undergraduate studies).
  2. Students do not need to have an official and valid language certificate to start studying in Northern Cyprus.
  3. The official currency in Northern Cyprus is Turkish lira, but most world’s currencies are used there and people use pounds, euros and US dollars for buying and selling.

Requirements for Getting a Scholarship in Northern Cyprus Universities

As it was mentioned earlier, most universities in Northern Cyprus offer an at least 50% scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students.

For instance, it is really easy to get a scholarship at CIU, Cyprus International University. This has made CIU one of the most suitable and common options for studying in Northern Cyprus.

  • Cyprus International University Also offers a 50% scholarship to undergraduate students in fields such as Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry. Which means that all admitted students will benefit from the scholarship of 50%.
  • Cyprus International University offers a 75% scholarship to undergraduate students as well as those who study pharmacy and their diploma or pre-university GPA is above 15.
  • Scholarships are also offered at Cyprus International University for Master’s and PhD students. Graduate students with a minimum GPA of 15 out of 20 can apply for a scholarship. Based on academic achievements, the scholarship committee can offer up to 50% of scholarships to applicants.


Cyprus scholarships for athletes

Northern Cyprus universities also offer financial aid for university tuition and accommodation costs for athletes. The conditions for obtaining Northern Cyprus scholarships for athletes have been regulated and approved by the executive board of each university, and students interested in studying sports can study in Northern Cyprus by considering the conditions of that university.


(Pharmacy Scholarship): Pharmacy scholarship is 75%, which means by receiving this scholarship, you will pay only 1000 euros per semester instead of 4000 euros. In general, the field of pharmacy is one of the best fields for people interested in studying in Northern Cyprus.


(Cyprus Dental Scholarship): Students can pay only 3480 euros instead of 5800 euros per semester with a 40% scholarship in the field of dentistry in a very limited amount.


(Medical Scholarship): Students with a 40% scholarship in the field of medicine can pay only 3780 euros instead of 6700 euros per semester.


The field of medicine at Eastern Mediterranean University does not include scholarships. The reason is that medicine is a joint field between Marmara University and Eastern Mediterranean University, and the Eastern Mediterranean University is not the only authority to make decisions regarding the scholarships.


In general, Northern Cyprus is a devoting country with a bright future. More job opportunities in Northern Cyprus and lower livelihood expenses compared to other countries can help students to immigrate with simpler and more convenient conditions.


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