The first thing to discuss about the customs and language of Northern Cyprus is its culture. Having a rich and diverse culture under the strong influences of the Turkish customs and the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Cyprus has been able to attract many tourists in the past years. Many people enter Northern Cyprus to visit the cultural events and have a great time there. Lots of cultures in this island are the result of the governments that have ruled the country for centuries.

The customs in Northern Cyprus are very similar to the customs of Iranians and Turks. Many ceremonies in this country are similar to the culture of Turkey and Iran, and everyone tries to participate in ceremonies from mourning to celebrations.

Wedding in Northern Cyprus

In Northern Cyprus, the permission of the girl’s parents is required for marriage. They usually try to propose to her in the presence of the girl’s family in a very big ceremony and finally celebrate with very joyous family ceremonies.

Traditional dance of Northern Cyprus

Like every traditional culture in the world, Northern Cyprus also has its own dance. This dance became popular after the separation of this country from Southern Cyprus and is a sign of solidarity, history and friendship of the people in North Cyprus. Of course, this traditional dance is partly derived from Turkish dance.

The importance of the family in the culture of Northern Cyprus

Family is very important to North Cyprus people. As mentioned, the customs and language of Northern Cyprus are very similar to the countries of the Middle East and have been greatly influenced by Turkey. In all celebrations, people try to spend time with their families and have fun.

The language of Northern Cyprus people

Another important consideration when learning about the customs of Northern Cyprus is the language of this country. The official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish, but English is also widely spoken. Of course, the Turkish dialect of these people is very similar to Istanbul Turkish.

Living in the midst of mixed culture from the Middle East

Despite the many conflicts it has had since the past, Northern Cyprus has very warm and loving people. Purchasing a property and living in this country, is a proper way of enjoying the benefits and beauties of this Island and experiencing a different life among the rich culture and traditions of Norther Cyprus.

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