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Learn more about Rauf Denktash University of Northern Cyprus, one of the best academic destinations

You can choose the University of Northern Cyprus to continue your studies in the field you are interested in. Nowadays, studying in the prestigious universities of Northern Cyprus has become common among students. There are many reputable universities in Northern Cyprus, with high scientific rank. Each of the universities offers different courses in various degrees to each international student.

The best way to get beneficial information about the University of Northern Cyprus is to visit the official website of reputable universities in Northern Cyprus. You will get the necessary information about the study conditions, the required documents and the fields though in the University of Northern Cyprus. Some of the most important and main universities of Cyprus are as follows:

  1. International University of Cyprus

Cyprus International University is recognized as the best university in Northern Cyprus, this is good choice to continue studies among the various prestigious universities in Northern Cyprus. This university is located in the capital of the country and offers students a different academic program according to international standards. This University of Northern Cyprus has a well-equipped and modern campus. It provides many services and welfare facilities to students. Among all prestigious universities in Northern Cyprus, you must be aware that continuing your education in this university brings many advantages.

  1. Near East University

Near East University is another prestigious university in North Cyprus. This University is one of the private universities and has a high scientific rank. The reasonable tuition is one of the most important advantages of studying in this university. Studying in this university is affordable for international students.

  1. Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University is known as another reputable university in Northern Cyprus. This University of Northern Cyprus is established in the eastern region of the island. This university has developed international standards for teaching all fields of study. This university is considered as one of the best study destinations. This university creates suitable conditions for international students.

  1. University of Kyrenia

Kyrenia University is another prestigious university in North Cyprus with a lively campus. The university is known as one of the technical and engineering universities and is very popular among international students.

  1. Rauf Denktash University

Northern Cyprus has recently become one of the destinations of international study immigrants due to its excellent educational conditions. Meanwhile, its top-ranked universities are more and more attractive for those interested in studying. Rauf Denktas University is one of the universities of North Cyprus that attracts many students every year.

Rauf Denktas university was established in 2017. The university has a special reputation that has attracted the international students.

Get to know this university with us in this text and pave your way to study in North Cyprus.

The reason for choosing the name Rauf Denktas for this university

You may wonder why this name is chosen for the university. Rauf Denktash University, RDU, is named after the founder and president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Mr. Rauf Raif Denktash, who distinguished himself as a prominent lawyer, organizer, human rights leader and political activist.

RDU was established to preserve and present Mr. Denktash’s legacy and ideas on economic, social, educational, religious and cultural rights of minorities, human dignity, autonomy and peaceful coexistence among different peoples.

General information about Rauf Denktash University

As mentioned above, RDU seeks to be a distinguished university with excellent research professors as well as suitable facilities. It seeks to provide high quality education that enables its graduates to be internationally employable. RDU also aims to assist in identifying and proposing solutions to local and international problems by doing researches.

Courses offered at Rauf Denktash University

All RDU courses undergo rigorous national and international accreditation processes. This is to ensure that students have education at the level of international standards. Currently, RDU courses are approved by competent educational authorities of TRNC, Ministry of Education, National Culture, Accreditation Council, Higher Education Coordination (YODAK), YOK Higher Education Council in Turkey and abroad by accredited agencies.

In addition to these agencies and institutions, outside Northern Cyprus, the German-based Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) also monitors the courses offered at this university. All these cases indicate the high level of education in Rauf Denktash University.

Life after graduating Rauf Denktash University

RDU prioritizes the international employment of its graduates. This will happen with the cooperation of local and international partners, forward-looking employers, professional bodies and academic institutions to design the desired educational courses in the labor market.

Each course presented at RDU consists of one essential factor, to meet the requirements of economy, culture, values and legal aspects of international countries and Northern Cyprus as well. Therefore, RDU graduates have relevant competencies of the international labor market, and after completing their studies, they can work in international and local companies and research institutes.

City of Nicosia, location of Rauf Denktash University

The city where the students reside is perhaps even more important than the university itself and its rank. Of course, there is nothing to worry about! Because by studying at RDU, students choose to stay in the beautiful and attractive city of Nicosia.

RDU is temporarily located in the historic city of Nicosia, the capital of Northern Cyprus. Having students from different cultures, this city makes student life easier and more attractive. In addition, Nicosia is a safe city and with its friendly environment and pleasant Mediterranean climate, it provides ideal conditions for studying science.

The Language of Instruction in Rauf Denktash University

The fact that the courses are taught in English is what makes RDU one of the most ideal options for graduate studies.

Actually, you shouldn’t worry about your English skills. Because in RDU, introductory English language courses are held so that students are ready to start their studies in this language.

The introductory English course offers intensive English courses for students with a low knowledge of English. In addition, at Rauf Denktash University, basic courses are offered to students who are weak at mathematics and computer skills. Also, as part of their studies, students get to study the history, culture and language of Turkey.

Rauf Denktash University and ECTS system

If you have ever considered studying abroad, you must be familiar with the ECTS system. In most countries, university courses are known by ECTS. Fortunately, this system is also implemented in Rauf Denktash University.

Therefore, if you decide to continue your studies in another university in Europe or America after completion of your studies here, you can easily equate your credits with the ECTS system and start your studies at the destination university.

Tuition fees at Rauf Denktash University

This college is not expensive. Nevertheless, you can also use the scholarships offered to reduce the tuition fees in this university.

Scholarships offered in this university cover 50, 75, 80 and 100% of tuition fees. By default, all students benefit from a 50% scholarship and apply for higher amounts.

You too can make your bright future by studying at Rauf Denktash University. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity and contact the experts of Luxury Life Immigration and Investment Group as soon as possible. We ease the way to this university and Northern Cyprus.

Getting admission from the prestigious universities of Northern Cyprus

You can check the admission process of Northern Cyprus universities on their websites. Studying at the University of Northern Cyprus is more affordable than other universities. You do not need a visa to study in the prestigious universities of Northern Cyprus. In less than ten days, you can apply for further education in any other university in Northern Cyprus. The spoken languages in all universities of Northern Cyprus are English and Turkish. You do not need a valid language certificate to study at Northern Cyprus Universities. Accredited universities in Northern Cyprus have different admission requirements. But in general, they all have easy admission procedures.

Studying in the University of Northern Cyprus

In 2021, all the prestigious universities of Northern Cyprus started their activities after the Corona Pandemic. In general, you should know very well that studying in any Northern Cyprus universities are somewhat easy. Since Cyprus aims to increase the number of students, it accepts a large number of international students. Getting admission at the University of Northern Cyprus is based on international standards. Many students like to continue studies at one of the European countries and not getting into much difficulties. They can choose one of the prestigious universities of Northern Cyprus. Accordingly, when choosing a university in Northern Cyprus, you must investigate the conditions of each university.

The Expenses of accredited universities in Northern Cyprus

One of the most important issues to consider when choosing a university in Northern Cyprus is the tuition fee. Many reputable universities in Northern Cyprus offer a specified allowance to students. Using this allowance, students can cover part of their living and education expenses. Therefore, you need to know the conditions and documents necessary to benefit from the Northern Cyprus University grant. In a specific period of time, proceed to prepare the documents of the accredited universities of Northern Cyprus. You should check the tuition fees in any of the universities in Cyprus. After that, you can choose one of the universities according to your budget.


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