What has made Northern Cyprus a tourist attraction is its outstanding monuments. In this article, we are going to learn about these tourist attractions. Nature, historical monuments and of course the beaches have made Northern Cyprus an exciting destination. An amazing land in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, which not only is a quiet island with beautiful beaches, but also has a long history, the country has a treasure of historical monuments and, of course, eye-catching nature. Every city in Northern Cyprus such as Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Lefkada, etc., is a world of spectacular attractions, about which we will learn in the following article.

Kyrenia Harbour

Kyrenia Harbour is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Cyprus, it is located in Kyrenia, one of the coastal cities of Northern Cyprus which is famous for its port and historical castle. If you happen to be in Northern Cyprus, this city has an old port that you must visit, a port surrounded by cafes and restaurants, which is the best place to try the local cuisine of Northern Cyprus.

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle is another tourist attractions of Northern Cyprus, which is located right next to the port of Kyrenia, and it really worth visiting. Behind the walls of this castle, you will find attractions such as St. George’s Church, royal apartments and a small church, which will make your historical trip more interesting and complete. In the shipwreck museum, you will see a ship that sunk about 300 years ago and is the oldest ship discovered on the seabed.

Turtle Beach

Turtle beach is also one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. You expect to visit a beach full of turtles, don’t you? In summer, this long sandy beach is frequented by green turtles that come there to lay eggs. The people of North Cyprus go to this beach for fun and relaxation, so if you like to go to a beach where you can watch more locals than tourists, this beach is for you.

Bellapais Abbey

Bellapis Abbey, built in the 13th century, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful monuments in Northern Cyprus. The church is located in the small village of Blapais, 5 km from the city of Kyrenia, and most of its remains date back to the time of King Hog III. This attractive and beautiful building grew bigger and bigger over the centuries and today it exhibits an attractive Gothic architecture.

Saint Hilarion Castle

Saint Hilarion Castle is another tourist attraction in Northern Cyprus, which was built in the city of Kyrenia at an altitude of 670 meters, and because St. Hilarion lived on this peak, the castle was named after him. This castle has three floors, the top floor is full of narrow and winding stairs that lead to Prince John Tower and the royal houses. In this castle, people watch fascinating and amazing views of Kyrenia and its surrounding villages.


Buffavento Castle

This is also a beautiful and attractive castle, which is located 16 kilometers away from Kyrenia city. With a height of 954 meters, Buffavento Castle is the highest castle, therefore, it will have perfect attractive views. Although most parts of this castle are destroyed over time, it has an attractive and beautiful architecture. On the other hand, if you love hiking paths, we have good news for you because you will have to climb for 45 minutes to reach this castle.

Karpaz Peninsula and Apostolos Andreas Monastery

Karpaz Peninsula is a peaceful land with kilometers of pristine and beautiful sandy beach located in the northeast of Northern Cyprus. One of the most important attractions of this peninsula is Andris Church, which has an attractive and charming history and architecture. This area is famous for its wildlife, especially wild donkeys, and many consider it one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Northern Cyprus.

Salamis Ruins

Salamis, is an ancient city founded in the 12th century BC and had significant growth and development over several years until it was destroyed by Arab attacks, earthquakes and tides in the 7th century. This big city is full of Roman works and monuments, which includes beauty and charm for history lovers.

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