The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus hosts many tourists in every season. Accordingly, this country is considered as one of the attractive and popular tourist destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Although this area is located in the northern part of Cyprus island, the different culture and civilization distinguishes the area from other locations. For students and those who plan to live temporarily or even permanently in Northern Cyprus, leasing a property is one of the primary concerns. In case you are eager to get more information, stay with us to learn more about the rules and conditions of renting a house in the rest of this article.

 Rules for Renting Property in Northern Cyprus

In order to prevent problems in future, you must pay attention to some local rules while renting a house in this tourist country. These rules are as follows:

  • Obtaining a residence permit
  • Being Familiar with financial responsibilities related to rent
  • Investigating the rental contract and its guarantees
  • Observing all existing local and native laws regarding the use of housing

Obtaining permanent resident visa by renting a house in Northern Cyprus

Most people wonder if it is possible to get a permanent resident visa in Northern Cyprus by renting a property? No! By renting a property, you can only get a Northern Cyprus tourist visa and live in the country temporarily. If you aim to obtain a permanent resident visa in Northern Cyprus, you must use other immigration methods, such as obtaining a work visa, study visa, etc.

The cost of renting a house in Northern Cyprus

At the beginning of this process many people ask this question, “How much does it cost to rent a house in Northern Cyprus?” The response to this question and other similar questions, is that the house rental rate in this country depends on various factors such as the location of the property, number of bedrooms, etc. and may vary from around 300 euros to several thousand euros for a luxury residential unit.

To find the proper house, our advice is to reconnoiter your needs and desires first. Considering the factors affecting the price of a rental house in Cyprus, the followings can be mentioned:

  • The appropriate city and region
  • Furnished or unfurnished unit
  • Minor features of the property
  • The age of Building and possible renovation requirements
  • Type of Property
  • Number and area of rooms

Of course, it is worth noting that the most popular cities for renting a house in Cyprus are Girne, Katrenin, Lefke, Güzelyurt, Iskele, Esen Tepe, Karpuz, Tatli su, Ötüken, Tuzla, Yeni Boğaziçi, Long Beach, Boğaz, Yeni Erenköy  and Famagusta, and naturally the rental fee are different in these cities.

Procedures for renting a property

As it was mentioned earlier, before taking any actions, you should research well or ask for assistance of a reputable institution that has been working in this field. At this level, some factors such as the location of the property, additional costs, furnished or unfurnished property, annual or monthly rental fee, average rental fee in the relevant area must be considered. At last, after choosing the desirable property, and considering the aforementioned factors, it is time to do the legal formalities, which includes:

  1. Primary exchange of contracts
  2. Signing and exchanging contracts
  3. Sealing and registering contracts
  4. Applying for a rental permit.

Important points in arrangement of the lease

There are two distinct types of areas to rent a house in Northern Cyprus:

  • Areas covered by the Rent Control Act
  • Areas excluded from the rent control law

The Northern Cyprus Rent Control Act is valid for most areas within the boundaries of Nicosia and Girne Municipality, as well as all areas within the boundaries of the Municipality of Gonili.

However, regarding the regulation of apartment rent in this country, you should consider the followings:

  • The increase rate of rental fee should be mentioned in the contract
  • The deposit and all costs should be specified
  • The details regarding the use of common areas should be specified in the contract
  • The method of delivering the house should be stated in the contract
  • The price of the apartment should be mentioned in the contract
  • When signing the contract, it must be also sealed by the tax office
  • Any probable defects in the house, must be mentioned in the contract
  • It is necessary and vital to point out any ambiguity in the contract

Different Types of house rents in Northern Cyprus

In general, there are three types of house rentals in Northern Cyprus, and we are about to explain each method below.

Houses available for daily rent in Cyprus

In order to find houses to rent for one or more days, it is better to ask for assistance of existing real estate agencies. of course, It is possible to do remotely and online and only by looking at the photos and videos of the house.

Short-Term Rental

This rental type is really proper for those who aim to get to know Northern Cyprus and living conditions in order to make a definite decision to immigrate to this country. Note that this method is much cheaper than booking a hotel for a short period of time. In this method, an amount equal to one month’s rental fee is usually received by the landlord, which is returned to the customer after the end of the contract.

Long-Term Rental

This method is suitable for those who intend to make a long-term stay in Northern Cyprus through investment or other methods. There are modern and beautiful houses in the crowded centers of the big cities in Northern Cyprus, which also have high rental fees.

Advantages of renting a house in Cyprus

Besides being able live in a beautiful and touristic area, renting a house in Northern Cyprus also has the following advantages for tourists and people who stay in this country for a short period of time:

  • A lot of rental houses in Northern Cyprus have facilities such as internet, television, kitchen, etc., which is important for tourists who have a limited budget
  • Renting a house will help you be more independent. Because you can host as many friends and acquaintances as you like in your home and make good moments together
  • Due to the fact that many commercial houses are located close to tourist attractions and shopping centers, you can easily explore the city
  • Also, renting a house costs much less and is more economical compared to booking a hotel

 Final words

In this article, we reviewed the rules and conditions for renting a house in Northern Cyprus. In general, it is not difficult to find and rent a house in this country according to your taste and conditions, provided that you have a knowledgeable consultant and guide who can suggest the best and most suitable property to you. In order to go through this path in the best possible way, you can seek help from our consultants at the investment and migration company of Luxury Life to offer you the best purchase options according to your conditions, and you can Sign your rental agreement comfortably without having being worried about the process.

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