The economy of Northern Cyprus is based on the free market and providing services. In this article, we will mention the best and most proper cities of Northern Cyprus for investment. Also, we will evaluate and analyze the different methods of investing in Northern Cyprus and the way to invest in order to obtain a residence visa in Northern Cyprus.

Everything about investing in Northern Cyprus

Due to the strategic location and lots of amazing options, Northern Cyprus is an attractive country for investors in real estate. Everyone can invest in Northern Cyprus.

Since the quality of business management is at a favorable level and the economy of this country is growing rapidly, various opportunities have been provided to domestic and foreign investors. Also, residence permits are given to investors in Northern Cyprus. This is one of the factors that attract the attention of investors. We are going to mention other attractive options of this island for investment, such as:

  • The real estate sector is usually dynamic in Northern Cyprus due to outstanding investment opportunities.
  • Northern Cyprus is a safe country with high security.
  • The crime rate in this area is very low.
  • All Turkish banks have branches in this country.
  • Foreigners are allowed to take loans for housing.
  • Discos, bars and casinos are attractive places for those who enjoy nightlife.

Where are the best and most proper cities in Northern Cyprus for investment?

All above mentioned optioned mostly exist in the two cities of Famagusta and Kyrenia. In fact, investing in these areas is profitable in a short period of time like 3 years. During the last 3 years, real estate prices have increased by more than fifty percent. The education and real estate sectors have grown and developed in parallel with each other, and the increase in the number of students has increased the need for housing. Therefore, even student investment in real estate can be very profitable in a period of 8 to 10 years. Northern Cyprus offers many opportunities for investment. Therefore, the investments made in this country bring 100% profit in a very short period of time.

The location of Long Beach is the most dynamic and modern area in Northern Cyprus, which is growing and developing rapidly and has attracted the attention of investors. Some options such as a 48-month interest-free loan with a prepayment of 30% of the property amount have drawn the attention of investors to Long Beach, Northern Cyprus. Facilities have been provided for purchase of an apartment. Many tourists and investors are attracted to this beautiful beach. On the other hand, Famagusta is especially known for its universities. Famagusta is a port city and has positively influenced the economy of Northern Cyprus. At the same time, it attracts many investors for its newly established buildings.

Along with rising house prices as a result of the geographical conditions, the country attracts those who wish to invest in the Mediterranean. In order to buy property in Northern Cyprus, it is best to get advises from professional real estate consultants and make the right investment in the right place. Investment in Northern Cyprus is considered a good option, but it is only suitable for wealthy people. Investment in North Cyprus will be a  success when performed with full awareness.


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